I enjoy writing, editing, and collaborating with other writers on diverse projects, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, academic or creative. I have written a variety of manuscripts and have had the pleasure of workshopping many of them with amazing authors, poets, screenwriters and editors. All genres of writing intrigue and inspire me to continue to broaden my literary scope and I am forever grateful to my mentors and writing friends for their support.

“You have been my friend,” replied Charlotte. “That in itself is a tremendous thing.” – E.B. White

“Jennifer Young was a pleasure to work with during her year-long fellowship in Stony Brook Southampton’s Children’s Lit Fellows program. She is curious and motivated, writes well, works hard on her manuscript revisions and provides thoughtful and meaningful editorial feedback to her peers. A life-long learner, Jennifer constantly strives to develop her craft and to better educate herself as to the ins and outs of the publishing industry. She is also warm, jovial and genuine fun to be around!”Emma Walton Hamilton, best-selling and award-winning author, editor, stage, television and podcast writer/producer, performer and arts educator.

I met Jennifer as a workshop participant at the Southampton Writers Conference in 2017. Jennifer is an enthusiastic and caring writing teacher at Stony Brook University, an environmentalist with a photographic eye for beauty and a heart for animals, and a loving wife and mom of four. She is dedicated to her writing because she wishes to share her appreciation of nature and sense of fun with future generations. They will be lucky to read her words.” – Debra Scala Giokas, Author of the Picture Book and Coloring Book on Claire McCardell; new release for 2022 – Ladies, First: Common Threads

“Jennifer’s thoughtful, constructive feedback and keen insights on character development, plot, and story arc really helped bring my stories into sharper focus. Jennifer worked with me to pare down my word count (essential for picture books) and home in on the core message of my stories. Her feedback has been invaluable to my creative process. A talented picture book writer herself, Jennifer creates stories that are playful, imaginative, engaging, and warm. Readers are sure to enjoy meeting her delightful characters in stories they’ll return to again and again.” – Dana Haugh, Librarian and Picture Book Author

“Jennifer has an excellent eye for clear and dynamic writing. What I appreciate about her notes is that when she points to something that isn’t working, she doesn’t prescribe a solution right away. She wants to ensure that the writing reflects the author’s thoughts and voice, so the first thing she does is ask what it is they’re trying to say. This is such an empowering approach because it really helps an author to work through ideas and then articulate them in the most effective way to truly engage and move a reader. Jennifer’s warmth, humor and passion shine through to her writing, teaching and friendships.” – Andrea Paldy, Journalist and Professor of Writing and Film

“Jennifer Young is an enormously talented writer, creator and educator.  We met in the Stony Brook Southampton Children’s Lit Fellows program where she immediately stood out as a leader among the group, always bringing everyone together. As a writer, Jennifer has a gift for language and imagery that’s charming, whimsical and so memorable. She is a storyteller, with no shortage of beautiful and touching ideas. She is also a multi-tasker and all-around inspiration, juggling her career, creative passions (gorgeous photography) and family life. Jennifer always lights up the room with her energy and positivity. I’m so grateful that our mutual love for writing managed to bring us together and can’t wait to read what she writes next!”  – Alana Sanko, Writer, Producer, Adjunct Professor

“Young’s writing shines a light on life’s wonderments and misgivings in a way that transports us to new directions and retrospections, particularly in her contribution to children’s literature through poetry and lyricism. She makes compelling rhythmic gestures within traditional forms “as gifts of love,” and “gifts of light,” transfixing audiences with the gentle music of her imagination. Jennifer Young’s bright lens of vibrant storytelling is nothing short of craftsmanship, full of poise and energy.” – Michelle Whittaker, 2017 NYFA Poetry Fellow, and author of Surge

“Jennifer has been a critique partner, a cheerleader, an inspiring writer, and a source of inspiration since we met in the Summer Children’s Lit Fellowship program in 2017. Her ability to brainstorm together, give encouraging feedback, and help me be a better writer has been invaluable. She has seen some very rough drafts and helped me find ways to keep the important parts of a story and discard what isn’t working. As a writer, she’s got a lyrical style that’s perfect for painting a picture with her words. I am honored to have her as part of my writing community.”Laura Roettiger, Author of Aliana Reaches for the Moon